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1-Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions are applied to everyone who visits our site Once you register on the site, you become the user of it. If you are accessing and using our website or whatsapp that it you are in agreement with the terms and conditions mentioned below:

In case you disagree with any of the terms and conditions, kindly do not use the website or its services.

2-For Users


The users are supposed to give the appropriate and complete information at the time of registration. The responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the ID and passwords will be on the users. If anyone divulges confidentiality, then they need to inform us right away. If we are misinformed, then we will not be liable for any kind of loss. Our users will have no access to the restricted part of the website. There are not supposed to hack, alter, or damage information given on the website.

3-Agreement for the customers

We are the agents and sell original works to our customers. We agree to the point that when customers place an order, we will offer quality work to them. We assign a suitable expert to deal with your order. To assign an expert, we do a lot of background work so that we can allocate an appropriate representative. We make sure to deliver the work to your inbox before the scheduled time. This is our work policy- right after the allocation of expert; the payment will be made to seal the order. There will be no refund of the money. However, we let the customers make little change in the order once the order is assigned to expert but, only if the change is minor, and do not contradict the original order. If the alteration contradicts the original order, and that happens after the full payment, then, we re-quote the order or assign the order to another expert. Based on that, a new delivery schedule will be decided; we have the right to cancel the order if any unresolved issue arises. In that case, you will get back half of the amount paid us earlier. If there is dissatisfaction with our work, then you as a customer will have the remedy from our end. The customers cannot contact our expert directly. We are the mediator between the customer and the expert. The agreement is initiated only after the customer and the expert both finalize the order, and the payment is complete. Although, anyone of the party can terminate the order, but if once finalized the term of the agreement will be maintained till the end.

4-Excellent balance


If any customer pays the deposit and agrees to pay the balance 24 hours prior to the order is delivered but fails to pay the remaining money as per the term then, we can hold or delay the delivery.

5-Accurate information

The customer has to provide accurate information along with detailed guidance. If the customer fails to provide the details, then the delivery of the completed work will be delayed, If the delay surpasses the policy timing, then we will not be responsible for any of your losses. If the expert requires any information related to order, then we will contact you at your given phone number or email address, and we will consider an immediate reply from your end.

6-Guarantee on delivery

We make sure that customers get the work delivered before the midnight of the due date. At any circumstances we fail to deliver the work then we ask the customers to wait another 48 hours. We do not have any return policy if we are able to deliver the work in additional 48 hours. We will not take responsibility for the delay in delivery that is caused by the third parties like internet service providers, hosting providers, problem in database, mail providers, etc.

7-In case of non – delivery


If the work is not delivered on the scheduled day, then you can contact us. If you decide to wait for contacting us, then you need to do it at your own risk. In case, if you fail to provide accurate information that we require, and if you fail to give the good balance then we will not be liable for any kind of losses of completed work. But, if the fault is on our end then we will compensate with proper explanation.

8-Plagiarism-free work

We assure you plagiarism-free work. If you find plagiarism in the work you can send it back us as we will fix the work right away. Copying someone else’s work without acknowledging the person is considered as plagiarism. Taking someone else’s idea and writing on it without acknowledging the person is considered as plagiarism. If at any time confusion arises regarding the originality of the work, we will review the work, and give you the final decision. During the review, if minor plagiarism is detected which is obvious then the plagiarism guarantee will be intact.

9-Privacy Law

The customers should agree with the terms that ask not to share any detail related to the work to third party.

We also do not share the customers’ information with any third party, unless it is a lawful authority.

10-Unsatisfied Customers


10.1-If any customer is not satisfied with our work because there is a fallacy from our end regarding following the instruction then, customers can ask for rework. In that case, the rework will be done in 2 days after the initial delivery but at free of cost. The reworking will be a new deadline. If there is any confusion arises between the customer and the expert, our team will mediate to resolve it.

10.2 -If the customer requests for the rework after two days of delivery, then we will send a new quote because the rework will not be free.

10.3-No refund is provided if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of writing or service.

11- Refund

In the case of refund, it will be made on the same details that were used for paying us earlier. If there is no card was used then, a choice will be offered to the customer.

12-Dear client

12.1-We always try to give our best to give the best customer experience. The objective is to give you 100% satisfaction through the work. Our refund policy is designed to secure your payment if the service is not received by you from our end.

*Note that we will not change anything in terms of delivery date once the order is placed. We guarantee you that you will not get bad grade if you take assignment help from us. As we pay the writers in advance, we cannot refund you the money we have taken from you. We cannot take the money back from the writers so in case if we fail to follow the given instruction we will do a project of same value free-of-cost.

13- 50%* refund for special circumstances


13.1- *The customer will get 20% refund only if there is a proof of bad grade like the grade sheet.

13.2-**We will thoroughly investigate the claim before initiating the refund process.

13.3-***If we fail to deliver the completed work on time, then we adjust the money with the next assignment that is of same word count and similar complexity.

13.4- ****If Expert denied to do help on online exam at the end time you will get 50% money back because we already made payment to expert about it otherwise we will compensate with help in other assignment with same complexity value.

13.5-***** If with any circumstances you are cancelling your assignment/Online exam (any other service) order then you are eligible for only 50% amount refund from decided amount initially. We already provided half amount to we are unable to refund full amount.

14- No refund

The following cases are eligible to get no refund

  • 14.1 -There will be no refund after 3 days of delivery of the project.
  • 14.2 -Assignment comes with 24 hours deadline is not eligible for any refund
  • 14.3-Delay in delivery of the completed work ( we will adjust the amount with your next assignment)
  • 14.4-The assignment that comes with no instructions and insufficient time to revise the work
  • 14.5-If there is a delay due to the client’s fault (e.g. insufficient amount of information with which it is difficult to answer the queries in the project) then there will be no refund. You can adjust the amount with your next project.
  • 14.6-If the client fails to provide all the required information to complete assignment on time, or unable to answer the doubt of the writer regarding the assignment on time then no refund will be made. In such scenario, there will be no adjustment with next assignment as the writer was already paid in advance.
  • 14.7-If the client does the delay in answering the query made by the writers and due to that the writer deals with incomplete information, then in that case no refund will be made.
  • 14.8-We offer multiple revisions to the work if you find you are not getting good grades or any dissatisfaction from the writer’s side. But, there will no refund if the fault is from the client’s end like unable to provide complete information related to the article.
  • 14.9There is no refund if you fail on online exams or online quiz . We provided you help on exams as model answers. We are not responsible for your grades.

15- Terms and conditions to be considered

It is advised to read all the terms and conditions that are given below before placing order.

  • 15.1-We offer the best subject expert for the online coaching sessions. So, you need to provide all the details, so that we can assign the appropriate expert for your assignment.
  • 15.2-We are available 24/7 on live chat/email. During the website maintenance or update we may not be available but we will be liable for communication breakage.
  • 15.3-If any deviation occurs from our end then we have rework policy without charging money. We will revise your samples for free.
  • 15.4If any disagreement occurs regarding any assignment then the Resolution Centre’s decision will be final.
  • 15.5-We update our terms and condition very often depending on the current situation of the industry. So, it will be better if the client go through the T&Cs before placing orders.

16-Terms of payment


If the customer does not pay through the form then we will email the customer regarding the payment. Once the project is accepted by us then, the client needs to pay the rest of the amount before the delivery date. We advise that the customer should pay the full amount at the time of placing the order. We have the full right to refuse the work if we find that we cannot assign the work to the appropriate expert or cannot do the right justice to the work. in that case if the full payment is made and we fail to assign an expert then the money will be refunded. In the case of any disagreement and confusion, our team that is will take the decision and that will final. However, we will let the customer know about how out team reached to the decision.


You can use the resources that are available on the website but at your own risk. Our service is not available on the public holidays like Christmas, New Year, etc. The service offered on public holidays is a decision of our team. The client should go through the university guideline before placing order. We are limited to offer academic support that does not include professional advices. We hold the right to limit the access to the site at the time of site maintenance. We are not subject to any sort of interference or deferral in getting to the site. We maintain all authority to suspend access to the webpage for the planned upkeep/up-degree of the site. We are not subject to you or any outsider for any postponement in alteration, suspension or end of the site. Any question emerging out of utilization from the site will be dependent upon the laws of India or other material administrative position.


We claim all authority to end the entire or part of the administration understanding, your record and your use of the site at any point of time, at our sole attentiveness. We may pull out by posting the end on the Site or by sending a correspondence to the location (email or something else). You will stay at risk for any penetrates of these Terms or potentially commitments caused before the end of the term.

19 -Offers at a glance

50% off*– We offer 50% discount on two or more hours with 30 hours onwards of deadline. For the old clients the offer is valid if two orders are placed at the same time. The assignment has to be non-technical, and the word limit of each order has to be 1500 words.

500 words free- The offer is valid if the assignments are given come with 72 hours of deadline. For the old clients the offer is valid for the two assignments are ordered at the same time with 1500 words each.

$40 off– The offer is valid for the non-technical first order of 2000 words. The offer will be given if the full payment is done at the time of placing the order.

JUMBO– There is buy 1 get 1 offer on all non-technical projects. If the client orders a non-technical project of 2500-3000 words then, the client will get a non-technical project work of 1000-1200 words absolutely free.

Amendments of T&C

We have the right to bring change to the T&C entirely or partially without prior notice. So, we advise you to check the T&C section regularly.

Copyright notice

Copyright © 2020 All Rights reserved All Content on the Site is subject to intellectual property rights, contractual or other protection. The intellectual property right is owned by us. So, if there any content is copied, republished, posted, transmitted then it will be a punishable offense. Please note that the terms like ‘us’, ‘team’, ‘expert’, and ‘we’ refer to the owner of the site. On the other hand, the term like ‘you’ is denoting the client/customer.

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